Dr. Angela Chafee

About Me

Welcome to my website! You’re probably here because you are looking for help…perhaps you are dealing with a particularly difficult life circumstance, or maybe you are struggling in a relationship with your partner or family member. Or maybe you are feeling anxious or down and you’re not sure why. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here. Reaching out for help is tremendously brave and I hope that as you read through the information here, you begin to feel optimistic! I know what it’s like to function well in the world – to have friends and a career and to still feel anxious, depressed and insecure.

On my personal journey, I have discovered that nothing outside of us can bring us peace or fill the void we may feel within. I want to help you discover your self, and the strength and wisdom that live within you. I will help you to explore your thoughts and feelings, learn strategies to manage your emotions and tune into your intuition so that you can live the life that you want. We develop patterns of thinking and behaving that made sense in the context of our early lives, but that may be preventing us from achieving our goals, from feeling confident and self-assured, and from having meaningful and intimate relationships. I want to help you develop the skill of self-compassion – when you live from a place of compassion and authenticity you can move forward with clarity and achieve the life you want and deserve.

My Training

I have had the honor of witnessing people change since 2004. I earned my undergraduate degree from Central Connecticut State University where I majored in psychology and minored in criminal justice. After graduation (and while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life), I worked in a community justice program where I helped individuals involved in the criminal justice system explore their life choices, weigh the pros and cons of change and consider alternative life trajectories.

I have always been fascinated by human behavior – for as long as I can remember I wanted to understand what made people do what they do, but my decision to pursue a career in psychology was complicated by fear. The thought of taking on a doctoral program (and more specifically, writing a dissertation) terrified me.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and so I took the leap! I started my graduate training in 2006. I worked in a variety of clinical settings and with a diverse client population, including an inpatient hospital, the VA Healthcare System and community mental health. In 2011 I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Hartford and went on to complete my postdoctoral fellowship at a community mental health clinic. I obtained licensure as a clinical psychologist in August 2012. Since then have worked in the private sector, providing outpatient therapy for a variety of presenting concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, interpersonal issues, low self esteem, family problems, life transitions, etc.), and then recently my work has expanded to include a position in the public sector serving individuals with developmental disorders.

I have experience treating aging individuals in nursing home settings; adjusting after what is often a traumatic uprooting from their homes can be very difficult for the individual and for their loved ones. I can provide consultation to families so that they can provide the needed support and maintain meaningful connections with their loved ones.

I have extensive experience conducting psychological evaluations and providing consultation and training to agencies serving individuals with serious and prolonged mental illness, as well as developmental disorders and behavioral challenges.

My Approach to Therapy

My therapeutic approach is grounded in the power of compassion and the human need for connection. Life is dynamic and at times, it is painful, but we need not suffer. I’ve experienced and witnessed the power of compassion (towards ourselves and towards others) – it is healing and life-changing. I believe it to be a skill and state of mind that is essential to health and well-being. Each obstacle in life is an opportunity, and yet it is so hard to view challenges in this way. Instead, we experience fear – fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of pain – we judge ourselves harshly, we feel threatened and resist what is. Oftentimes, we are not able to get out of fear (or shame or sadness) on our own – we need someone to witness and be with us in that space. My goal is to create this space and to provide this experience for my clients.

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I am committed to continued personal and professional growth, and I attend professional trainings and group/peer supervision regularly to hone my skills and stay abreast of innovative treatment interventions that I can bring to my clinical work.