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Welcome to my website! You’re probably here because you are looking for help…perhaps you are dealing with a particularly difficult life circumstance, or maybe you are struggling in a relationship with your partner or family member. Or maybe you are feeling anxious or down and you’re not sure why. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here. Reaching out for help is tremendously brave and I hope that as you read through the information here, you begin to feel optimistic!

I know what it’s like to function well in the world – to have friends and a career and to still feel anxious, depressed and insecure. On my personal journey, I have discovered that nothing outside of us can bring us peace or fill the void we may feel within.


Latest from My Blog

You may have learned that only certain emotions are okay to experience and express. Perhaps you were taught that anger is bad, or being afraid or feeling insecure is weak. If so, when these emotions arise within you, you may try to deny them or push them away. Over time, this way of relating to […]

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Did you know that you can connect through your emotions? Perhaps your experience thus far is that emotions get in the way of your relationships. I am hoping that this post offers you a different perspective and that you begin to view your emotions as tools to develop the deep interpersonal connections you desire. Emotions […]

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Welcome to My Blog!02 Nov 2017

First, a little about me and my inspiration for starting a blog. In my practice I work with individuals, couples and families, where I strive to create a safe space to explore emotions, identify needs and create deeper connections. Often, these “connections” are interpersonal. It is also quite common, though, for people to seek treatment […]

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